Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering


Prof. Mrs. Madavi Soniya N.
Head of Department

To impart differentiated technical education of computer engineering field that endure engineers who influence the development of humanity in general and welfare of society.

To promote excellence in all the areas of Computer Engineering keeping speedy growth with the emerging technologies.

To impart state- of -the -art of technical education to design, develop and test software systems. To build the spirit of confidence, team work and professionalism among the students.



To be prominent student centered hub of excellence, persistently striving to nurture technically proficient ingenious and socially inclined technocrats by keeping pace with swiftly emerging technologies.



To conceive globally competent computer technocrats by:

  • M1- Providing an innovative, upbeat and flexible teaching learning environment, imparting effective communication, teamwork and human values.
  • M2- Continuously upskilling students with recent industry trends to infuse multidisciplinary practices and impart entrepreneurship quality.
  • M3- Capitalizing on the emerging technologies of the computer field and its applications.
  • M4- Making students aware of universal human values for the prosperity of our Society, the Nation and the Environment.