Direct Admission to Second Year

Admission Rules & Eligibility


Direct to admission 3rd semester / second year applicable only for Engineering & technology diploma.

A candidate passing H.S.C. examination (standard 12th) with Science, technical subjects, bifocal course, MCVC of the board of secondary & higher secondary education shall be eligible for direct to 3rd semester for semester pattern courses or second year for yearly pattern course of a diploma course engineering and technology, against the seats created solely for this purpose, subject to the conditions hear under.

  • He/she has passed STD 12th with minimum qualification marks as notified by admission authority with Science or in vocational/technical subjects.
  • A candidate passing ITI examination with minimum qualification marks as notified by admission authority, after passing SSC with and in English, science & mathematics subjects.
  • A candidate passing STD 12th examination with MCVC with minimum qualifying marks as notified by government from time to time.
  • All such eligible candidates will gate admission to 3rd semester for semester pattern courses or second year for yearly pattern courses in respective diploma courses only.
  • Any other conditions that my be prescribed by government & ABIT at the time of this admissions.
  • Eligibility for direct admission & backlog subjects of the first year diploma to be passed will be as per the rules of M.S.B.T.E., Mumbai.

Admission to an examination

  • Eligibility for appearing in examination
  • No candidate will be admitted to any semester / year examination unless he / she keeps the terms for that semester / year at the institute recognized by directorate of technical education, Maharashtra state & affiliated to board and unless he / she has filled in examination form along with prescribed examination fee & unless it certified by the principal / head of the institute that he / she has fulfilled following conditions
    • He/she has put in satisfactory attendance of at list 75% of the total lectures / periods in each theory /practical/teamwork / tutorials / project work separately in each & every subject of the semester as per teaching scheme of the board & not the 75% of lectures conducted by the subject teacher, &
    • He/she has satisfactory completed all the specified laboratory practical/term work/ project/ seasonal etc. prescribed in the curriculum for the semester/year
    • He/she has shown satisfactory progress in his studies & evinced good conduct.
    • He/she has not been debarred for any period from appearing for any examination held by any government, constitutional authority or Statutory Examining Authority in India or by the board to any of it's examination during that period

Disallowed Candidates Ineligible To Appear In Examination

  • No candidate who is disallowed by the for an examination for not fulfilling conditions specified in RG 4 - D shall be permitted to appear in that examination. He / she shall have to fulfill all relevant condition by seeking fresh admission to the same semester / year a new.

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